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We are a  Distributor of Athletic Devices used to Develop Speed, Quickness, Core Strength and Durability

While attending a sports conference in 2007, Robert Oates, a manufacturer and retailer of athletic conditioning equipment and supplies, was introduced to a most unusual training device by a track and field coach specializing in pole vault.  The coach explained the device was used to develop speed and quickness and was a fabulous tool for developing core strength and durability. He called the product a TorsoBurner and said it was from a family of products called SpeedChains. He explained he had used the devices very successfully training his track and field athletes and was positive the device had great potential in all areas of athletic training.
The coach suggested Robert contact the inventor and manufacturer of the device in Hawaii, Kelvin Miyahira, about representing the product. Always interested in products that help athletes improve quickness and durability, Robert contacted Kelvin and discovered Kelvin was truly an innovator in training speed.
While Kelvin developed SpeedChains initially to increase club head speed in golf, he soon found the SpeedChain concept worked remarkably well in other areas. Used widely in Tennis and Track & Field, Kelvin has most recently worked on adaptations for other sports.
Kelvin has worked with several collegiate-level strength coaches and athletes at the University of Hawaii, University of Louisville, University of Nebraska, Hawaii Pacific University, and Mt. San Antonio College. He has trained hundreds of athletes, Olympic hopefuls, and athletes as young as six years, in various sports including baseball, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball, track, etc.
Kelvin, a professional golf instructor, has products being used by the DavidLeadbetterJuniorGolfAcademy in Florida as well as many other golf academies across the U.S. and in Mexico andSouth America. Many LDA members including Scott Smith, holder of the Guinness World Long Drive Record with a drive of 539 yards, use his methods and products.
After visiting with Kelvin and researching his claims, Robert believed the SpeedChains definitely had great potential for fitting in with his current product line.  Robert obtained SpeedChains to use in product trials with coaches who he knew would provide accurate evaluations of the product.  The consensus of opinion – SpeedChains work.   Professional and amateur athletes alike found benefit in the short-duration high-intensity workouts. 
After hearing the successes achieved, it became clear to Robert that SpeedChains deserved a prominent place in his product line at www.OatesSpecialties.com.  The resulting success of SpeedChains in athletic conditioning led to Chain Training LLC and  www.ChainTraining.com.
Chain Training LLC is a licensed distributor of SpeedChains in the United States. Owned by Robert and Gloria Oates, Chain Training is privately held and located in Huntsville, TX.

Chain Training LLC, 151 FM 1696 East, Huntsville, TX 77320; Telephone 936-295-4459; Fax 501-632-2316.

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