Throwing Chain

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The Throwing Chain is a great tool to develop strength and flexibility. It is an ideal training instrument for enhancing power, balance, stability, and endurance in throwing athletes. This unique device allows the athlete to train within the range of motions necessary to develop arm speed and strength resulting in increased velocity and better durability. The variable resistance provided by the chain allow for sport specific movements, preparing muscles used for throwing and getting maximum transfer from training to competition.

The Bat Speed Chain is available in four sizes:

  • Light – Typically used by beginning pitchers 
  • Youth – Typically used by pre-adolescent pitchers
  • High School – Typically used by high school pitchers
  • PRO – Typically used by collegiate pitchers.

    Muscularly mature athletes (including those considered strong for their age group) should consider using a heavier Throwing Chain. Athletes taller than 6'4" should add extensions to this product. Chain ends should never be allowed to come off the ground/floor or gather around the feet during exercises.

    Product is drop shipped from manufacturer to USA addresses using Flat Rate USPS Priority Mail.  Orders requiring shipment outside the USA must be placed directly using telephone or fax.

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