Torso Burner

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Proper use of the Torso Burner forces movement against the unique, continuous resistance of the chain.  The Torso Burner is an intense and superior tool in training rotational movements.  It helps to develop core strength, enhance coordination, as well as improve agility and quickness.  This product trains explosive movements and the fast-twitch ATP energy system.


The TorsoBurner comes in four sizes:

  • Light - Light Model: Youth athletes ages 11 below
  • XS - X Strong Model for pre- weight training athletes
  • XXS - XX Strong Model for established HS athletes that are 6’0” or Under
  • PRO - Pro Model for Pro Athletes or Very Strong Athletes 6’0”

    Muscularly mature athletes (including those considered strong for their age group) should consider using heavier Torso Burners. Athletes taller than 6'4" should add extensions to this product. Chain ends should never be allowed to come off the ground/floor or gather around the feet during exercises.

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